A New Start To How We Shape The Future

A New Start To How We Shape The Future

As I march into a new year, I am once again amazed on how life can come together in such interesting ways. 

I was recently in Mexico on vacation, I was introduced to the local market and its crochet community. The people of Tepic,MX embraced a fellow lover of yarn and we crocheted together for hours.

I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it but I knew this was special. As a young girl, my grandmother and I bonded as she taught me to crochet. I felt seen and connected when she invited me into her circle of crochet friends. Something about rolling a yarn ball and creating has always kept me centered. 

As we continue to become dependent on the internet of things, I feel as though we are missing something valuable. I want to change that with my work. This is not to replace but augment the digital revolution. I hope we can return something human back into how we connect.


I didn’t realize how needed it really is…


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